try to hide the heart that you've been eating (dyingcitylights) wrote,
try to hide the heart that you've been eating

"I sat out by twigfires flaring in grease strewn from the pimpled limbs
of hen,
I blacked out into oblivion by that crack in the curb where the forget-
me blooms,
I saw the ferris wheel writing its huge, desolate zeroes in neon on the
evening skies,
I painted my footsoles purple for the day when the beautiful color
would show,
I staggered death-sentences down empty streets, the cobblestones as-
sured me, it shall be so,
I heard my own cries already howled inside bottles the waves washed
up on beaches,
I ghostwrote my prayers myself in the body-Arabic of these

"If the deskman knocks, griping again
about the sweet, excremental
odor of opened cadaver creeping out
from under the door, tell him, 'Friend, To Live
has a poor cousin,
who calls tonight, who pronounces the family name
To Leaves she
changes each visit the flesh-rags on her bones.'"
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