try to hide the heart that you've been eating (dyingcitylights) wrote,
try to hide the heart that you've been eating

it's raining hard like the years between us

If you saw you honestly wouldn't believe.
But really, Im still in love with 5 hour car rides,
broken bottles, matty p's futon and you. Honestly, what a fucking
travesty, since you kiss like you're fucking dead.
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do you have becky's phone number and/or email address? the numbers i have for you gals i don't think are right. i saw becky two weeks ago while on break from work, i had to get some wrenches and i gave her my number. i was so excited and thought we were gonna see her that weekend at some point, but alas, no contact.
my cell phones number is 505 401 1896 please call meeeeeeeee, becka and i will come see you again
alright. i put it in my phone. actually, your mom gave it to me when i saw her in my work a week ago. it was right after i sent you this initial message, man was that bizarre! i will probably call this afternoon or this evening when i get out of work.
yo you didnt gimme a phone call the other night.... whattap...
i remembered
and i found you
but nowhere else
my <3 is beating with anticipation
find me
lost somewhere
and i will follow you
into this abyss
<nickshank3 im still here or am i?
nick please call my cell phone i miss you so much 505-401-1896